Rapper Young Buck Forced To Sell Music Catalog In Effort To Settle Debt w/ 50 Cent

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Rapper Young Buck Forced To Sell Music Catalog In Effort To Settle Debt w/ 50 Cent

It looks like Young Buck’s music catalog is up for sale!

Young Buck’s (born David Darnell Brown) music catalog is being auctioned off in an attempt to pay off his creditors, which includes business mogul 50 Cent.

This move comes after Young Buck filed for bankruptcy back in 2020. In his filing, the rapper lists his main creditors as the mothers of his six kids, the Georgia Department of Human Services and the IRS. At the time, the IRS reportedly claimed the rapper owed $415,892.04, spanning the years 2014 – 2019.

As for his music catalog, sources claim it is worth $700,000 and includes performance royalties, mechanical royalties, publishing royalties, and song copyrights.

Trustee Erica R. Johnson believes the sale of the catalog will produce enough funds to pay off all creditors, including 50 Cent. In 2021, 50 Cent said that Young Buck remains a G-Unit signee and allegedly still owes the label two more albums as well as $250,000 for a loan he never paid back.

50 Cent

In 2008, Young Buck allegedly had a falling out with 50, and as a result, the “Many Men” artist reportedly blocked Buck from releasing new music and collaborating with other artists. This brought his cash flow to nearly a screeching halt. In an old interview, Buck said this about 50 Cent:

“His reaction, being so harsh, is to basically stall me out to a position where I lose everything, to where my numbers drop. Because if you don’t have a new product out, then you can’t go get the big dollar for your shows. [He wants] to pretty much destroy my life from a silent-sided way of doing things. That’s his angle, and my contracts allow him to be able to do that.”

Young Buck

He continued:

“The problem is, I go to be a feature on their hit record, and then they have to go to 50 Cent to clear me on the record, and he says, ‘No.’ And they’re looking like, ‘Well, d*mn’ — cause if it wasn’t for that, I would probably be on every record that’s out right now, cause everybody and their mama reaches out and gives me support.”

Young Buck and 50 Cent have been beefing for the past few years allegedly due to contractual obligations not fulfilled by Buck. Adding fuel to the fire, 50 Cent has taken several shots at Buck, making fun of his sexuality amid rumors that he had relations with a trans woman, which he later denied.

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