John Boyega Doesn’t ‘Fixate’ On Wanting To Be In A Relationship: ‘Haven’t Met Anyone That Really Ignites That in Me’

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John Boyega

John Boyega Doesn’t ‘Fixate’ On Wanting To Be In A Relationship: ‘Haven’t Met Anyone That Really Ignites That in Me’

It looks like John Boyega isn’t in a rush to find love.

During a recent cover interview, The They Cloned Tyrone actor, 31, said that being in a relationship isn’t a priority for him.

Boyega said,

“I want a relationship, but I don’t fixate on it. I’m not opposed to it. I just haven’t met anyone that really ignites that in me.”

As for which love language he identifies with, John Boyega shared he relates to “all of them.”

He explained,

“I’ve never understood there being a specific one. I mean, who likes touch without getting a gift once in a while? Who likes words of affirmation from someone that doesn’t actually touch? I’m willing to take as much as I can give.”

John Boyega

He continued,

“But, you know, I’m a softie. I’m chill. I’m spontaneous. And at the same time, I’m curious about people, so I create a space for honesty.”

The Star Wars entertainer then said he’s more interested in a person’s line of work than their personal business.

Boyega elaborated,

“Your private life, I’m not trying to get into that too tough unless it’s some criminal crap, like, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that person would do that.’ Who you’re dating and all that? I don’t have no interest. Also, I go, You don’t really care, though, innit? My mom and dad care about that.”

When it comes to dating, Boyega made it clear that he does indeed have a preference. Last year, during a previous interview, he said that he only dates black women.

“Then it’s about chemistry, personality, goals. Is there a synergy? Can I help you? Can you help me?…I’m very disciplined in the type of women I speak to. They don’t want you in their business.”

A few months ago, there were rumors swirling that the British actor dated and cheated on UK influencer Pam Macb.

Speculation began when the influencer took to her Instagram Story to express her frustration about an individual fans assumed was John Boyega. In a string of posts, Pam Macb lead fans to believe a mystery man did her wrong.

She said, in part,

“Knowing that someone I trusted, I shared a bed with, cooked for, cleaned, was kind to for months on end can lieeeeeee and do the same is the penultimate torture.”

She added,

“Lying to me and lying about me is the reason I’m on your a$$ cos how dare you. I could go on and really burn everything down.”

Despite rumors, it’s unclear if Boyega is actually the mystery man that allegedly wronged Pam Macb.

John Boyega, Pam Macb

As for inspiration in his love life, John Boyega said he looks to his parents who have been together for more than three decades.

“Being in the public eye, they would prefer if you had the wife and family. It’s the ultimate PR package. But my parents have been together for 35 years. There’s nothing that this world can do in terms of pressure to make me be inspired by anything else but my parents.”

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